Constantin will continue to jeopardize visitors to get back the cash.

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  • Constantin will continue to jeopardize visitors to get back the cash.

Constantin will continue to jeopardize visitors to get back the cash.

That he visits Kim in an industry, with came across the girl previous identification like Dragomir.

Offered Dragomir’s last lifetime concerning criminal activity, Constantin believes Kim is associated with Natalie inside stealing the cash. This girl does not know any thing about any of it.

Baptiste as well as Edward attempt to get the finances, choosing to talk with Natalie’s roomie, Lina, once again. Lina is the main one that knocked Edward away after that he expected your money can buy return starting Natalie. The romanians are stated by just the woman is following the woman, and she’s reluctant in order to help—but this girl stocks that Natalie mentioned when any such thing happened towards the woman: choose this girl son.

Edward was surprised to master Natalie possessed a son, called Matty. That he life together with his daddy, Thijs de Boer, who Niels law enforcement officer checked out in a medical facility just after Natalie’s death, to get the lady after that out of kin towards determine the woman human body. Thijs won whole custody to Matty that he is an abusive addict because he could afford a better lawyer; no matter. Natalie informed Lina which the funds could be together with her son, worst situation: in case this girl cann’t salvage the girl sibling, at the least this girl may help Matty.

Matty happens to be snuck out from the medical center, in which he only experienced a procedure, with your tulip farmer, Herman, whom discover the necklace to case saturated in money buried regarding their farm. Herman’s vehicle stops working although travel Matty out of the medical center, as well as since the storage he’s towed in order to looks shut when it comes to evening, he’s obligated to purchthe bestse a car—using that is new funding through the case.

Right back upon their farm, Herman will pthey a friend towards connect Matty as much as excellent IV, because this person remaining a medical facility very very early. Once Matty last wakes, he’s asinsidenished in order to notice Herman—his grandfather. Herman describes your Natalie desired him to manage Matty, rather than Thijs; plus this girl kept consumers something special. However wthat hen he fades towards his automobile trunk for the case of cash, each microsoft windows is busted additionally the case is fully gone.

Matty’s disappearance from medical center is just a roadblock at Baptiste’s look for the amount of money. With learned all about Thijs starting Lina, that he phone calls your Amsterdam authorities commissioner Martha, a classic flame, to obtain ideas she tells him to bring Edward in: Europol wants to speak with him on him, and.

Genevieve, a realtor off Europol, maintains cancelled that arrest justify in Constantin—she’s going upwards per investigation that is huge your Romanian gang, plus arresting simply him can destroy their investigation. This girl asks Edward to put on the cable and acquire evidence that is incontrovertible Constantin murdered their daddy, this provides the girl ammo to produce Constantin switch on all of those other gang as well as consume them straight down. Edward declines. While that he visits their automobile subsequent, Constantin then an additional Romanian come out then buy him to obtaat in his or her vehicle.

Martha was upset it Europol has recently interfered in her own perform, and also shows Baptiste your this person must allow the authorities place. Prepared it’s his day off, and he will help Baptiste look for Thijs for him outside is her son Niels. That they go to the hospital whenever Niels discovered Thijs, and see it both of the Thijs as well as Matty have left; a medical facility does not have any report out of Matty exiting. Protection digital digital camera footage isn’t any advice: that it fallen down for approximately each ten full minutes whenever Matty disappeared.

Frustrated inside their research, Baptiste as well as Niels posses a sit down elsewhere plus reveal his or her dislike out of hospitals, due to the recent lethal medical operations these simultaneously experienced. Niels and then will leave, guaranteeing to place an alert out upon Thijs even though Baptiste continues inside concern a healthcare facility workers. Baptiste takes Niels’s papers coffee glass then delivers this up to per laboratowardsry to become tested.

That the day that is following Baptiste understands that certain regarding the medical center staff members is lying in order to him to Niels: she assisted Matty escape through deleting their digital digital digital camera footage, in trade, presumably, to repayment.

Things Baptiste can with this specific ideas, people don’t still recognize; nevertheless he’s got created one other discovery that is startling. This person visits Martha in the home, to asks: how didn’t I am told by you Niels is the son?


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